Ask your landlord to consider an efficient heating system

Why? Heating can account for a large portion of your home's energy use. If your heating system needs to be replaced, ask your landlord to choose an energy-efficient model.
Benefits to your landlord:

Upgrading your home's heating system has a variety of benefits for your landlord:

  • Make the rental a more efficient, comfortable and cost-effective place to live for current and future tenants.

  • An energy-efficient heating system can serve as an attractive selling point.

Step by step:

  1. Ask your landlord about the age of your current heating system.

  2. If your system needs to be replaced, put your landlord in touch with a reputable, licensed contractor. For advice on how to hire a contractor, visit

  3. The professional contractor should look for the following features when choosing a new system:

  • An efficient model. Whether your heating fuel is gas or electricity, look for the ENERGY STAR® label.

  • The right size for your home. Your contractor should use a rigorous method to choose the right size for your home's heating system. He or she should go beyond square footage or the size of your current heating system to make this determination. Consulting current industry standards is key.

Actions you can take now:

Landlord not ready to upgrade your heating system? Try these quick actions to save money and use less energy on heating:

  • Before replacing your heating system, consider improving the insulation and air sealing in your home. This may allow you to purchase a smaller system.

  • If your landlord is not ready for an upgrade, ask him or her to hire a professional to perform your regular furnace maintenance.

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