Use a space heater and turn down the thermostat

Why? A space heater or portable heater can be an efficient source of heat if you use it to warm a small area and reduce the temperature in the rest of your home. Space heating is efficient and safe only if done properly.
How it works: To maximize savings, turn down your central heating thermostat and close the door to the room where you're using the space heater to seal in the heat.

What to look for:

  • Safety is a primary concern, so be certain the model you choose is listed with a nationally recognized testing organization such as the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and will automatically sound an alarm or shut off if tipped. To reduce fire hazards, plug the heater directly into the wall, not into an extension cord or power strip.
  • A thermostat control and timer for added convenience and savings.

Good to know: Do not use kerosene heaters, cooking ovens, or any other unvented heater to provide heat in your home. These are not designed for space heating and can cause serious health problems or death due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

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