Only cool occupied areas

Why? Zoning your central air conditioner helps eliminate waste by directing cool air to the rooms you occupy the most.
How it works: A zoned AC has a series of dampers and controls installed in the ducts to prevent air from flowing to unoccupied areas. By contrast, standard, non-zoned duct systems direct cool air to all areas of your home whenever the AC system is operating. 

Good to know:
  • Consult a Building Performance Institute-certified auditor to find out whether adding zoning to your existing system is a good idea for your home. Often times, it is best to wait until you are replacing your HVAC system to add zoning. 
  • Before adding in zoning, make sure you fix any leaky ducts, windows, or walls. These fixes will help you achieve comfort. 
  • If you're remodeling or adding on to your home, zone cooling is a great option to consider.

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