Cool your home with a whole-house fan

Why? A whole-house fan can keep you comfortable in the summer for about 20% of the cost of central air conditioning. It works by pulling cool air into your home and pushing warm air out.
Where to install: Typically the fan is installed in your attic.

How to maximize your savings:
  • Run your whole-house fan when the outside air temperature is cooler than the temperature inside your home.
  • Don’t run your whole-house fan and central air conditioner at the same time. Instead, use them at different times to help them both run more efficiently.
  • If your house has been closed all day and is full of hot air, run the whole-house fan first to push out the hot air. Then use your central air conditioner to create cooler air, if needed. In some cases, you may not need the air conditioning.
  • Instead of using air conditioning, run the whole house fan at night, when outdoor air is coolest.
  • Avoid using whole-house fans when the outside air is hot (about 85°F or warmer). Fans used during this period only draw hot, humid air into the house, increasing heat buildup and offsetting the wind chill factor.

Choosing a contractor: Find a professional with plenty of experience and get three estimates.

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