Unplug your second refrigerator when not in use

Why? An older refrigerator uses nearly twice as much energy as new efficient models. You pay more to run your spare, older appliance than your primary one in the kitchen. If you only need the extra space around the holidays or you're a renter and can't recycle the landlord's refrigerator, simply unplug it when you don't need it.
For large families:
  • Rearrange the shelves in your main refrigerator/freezer to maximize space and reduce your need for a second appliance.
  • If you only need the extra refrigerator or freezer space seasonally, unplug the appliance during the times of year it is left empty.
  • If you need it, buy an efficient second refrigerator or freezer.
  • Buy a larger, efficient main refrigerator/freezer and recycle the old unit(s).

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