Upgrade to an efficient gas water heater

Why? Water heating is one of the largest energy expenses in your home. If your conventional gas water heater is 10 years old or older, it is likely nearing its useful life period. Consider installing a more efficient water heater replacement unit.
What to look for:
  • Choose the right size. A storage water heater constantly keeps the water hot, like leaving a coffee pot on all day. The smaller the size, the more you'll save. If your home has one or two people, a 30- to 40-gallon water heater is likely sufficient. The U.S. Department of Energy offers a worksheet to help you estimate the right size for your home.
  • Select the right efficiency level. The Uniform Energy Factor (UEF) of the model rates its energy performance. Look for a UEF rating of 0.64 or higher. Visit the ENERGY STAR website for a list of certified high-efficiency gas storage water heaters.
  • Set it up for savings. Don't forget, when you first install your new water heater, to set the temperature at the correct level. Most households find 120°F to be sufficient and this temperature helps prevent scalding.

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Rebate: National Grid offers rebates on water heaters at ngrid.com/ma-products