Upgrade to an efficient central air conditioner

Why? You could save up to 50% on cooling costs by switching to a newer, more efficient air conditioner. When you decide to replace your old air conditioner, investing in an efficient, ENERGY STAR® certified unit will dramatically lower your cooling costs.
What to look for:
  • Efficient air conditioners have a high SEER rating. A SEER of 13 is now the industry standard, but systems with higher SEERs cost less to run.
  • The ENERGY STAR® label.
  • EnergyGuide label to compare specific models.
  • A participating contractor to properly size and install your system.

What to look for in a contractor: A specially trained contractor can provide details on how a high-efficiency system can save you money. They can also perform a detailed analysis of your home's cooling needs to ensure that your new unit is sized correctly to provide maximum comfort and efficiency. A participating contractor will confirm the new central air conditioning system is installed according to manufacturer specifications.

Good to know: Before you replace your system, think about improving insulation and air sealing throughout your home to reduce your required cooling load and help any air conditioner run more efficiently.

Helpful links: U.S. Department of Energy Guide for sizing your system

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Save up to $50 per year

Rebate: Through our program, we offer rebates of up to $500 for qualifying ENERGY STAR® central air conditioning systems. We also offer recommendations for qualified contractors who participate in our Quality Installation Verification service. Visit www.masssave.com for details.