Upgrade to an efficient dishwasher

Why? Your dishwasher uses considerable energy, especially in terms of hot water. An ENERGY STAR® dishwasher uses less than half as much energy as washing dishes by hand and saves more than 5,000 gallons of water each year.
What to look for:
  • ENERGY STAR certification. ENERGY STAR certified dishwashers are 12% more energy efficient than non-certified models. Look up efficient models here.
  • The yellow EnergyGuide label. Use this to compare energy use across different models.
  • An "air dry" setting. This setting allows you to turn off the heat dry function of the dishwasher.
  • Multiple wash cycle selections. These may include a "light" or "energy-saving" cycle for dishes that are only slightly dirty. Some models even have a "soil-sensing" feature.
  • Wash zones. Some models have separate zones so you can wash only the upper rack or only the lower rack.

Go the extra mile: Considering upgrading to a smart dishwasher? While smart dishwashers are energy efficient, some of the additional features include:

  • Detects leaks. Smart dishwashers can notify you if your dishwasher develops a leak.
  • Connects to a smart device. This feature allows you to start a dishwasher load wherever you are using your smartphone.
  • Automatically adjusts water and temperature. Certain models can detect how dirty your dishes are and adjust the amount of water and heat used accordingly during the cycle.
  • Monitors dishwashing supplies. It can keep track of dishwasher detergent supply and reorder before you run out.
Visit www.myenergystar.com for more details.

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